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Forde Research-Recruitment delivers the right talent, with access to the best passive candidates making your hiring and talent acquisition much more cost effective and efficient, as the best candidates are not always on the job market. Forde Research-Recruitment access the best people within key competitors and reaches out to sectors that are aligned to your business requirements and expectations. This process is fast, efficient and focused.

At Forde Research-Recruitment, we want to get it right first time and therefore we don't profess to know everything or second guess a job specification, from the first meeting with our clients and candidates we ask questions and get to know the person, business and the culture. In the world of recruitment today, it appears to me that people are more interested in the figures of a placement rather than the real understanding of both the client and candidates requirements, which if were understood from the offset would ultimately give the recruiter the key to put forward the right people to clients, which would then go on to build respect and trust leading to a long term relationship.

At Forde Research-Recruitment we have an honest realistic approach to clients and candidates thoughts and feelings which enables us to bring together people successfully, in matching professionals to companies that are not only good at what they do but fit perfectly with the clients unique culture. We all deserve to be treated as people and not commodities, most definitely where our careers are concerned as this is one of the most important parts of our lives, involving not only our goals and aspirations but our personal life and family too.