Nick Managed Caroline Directly
Caroline Forde... How many words am I allowed? Caroline is unique, a rare breed, and arguably the best person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Caroline was able to manage and transact the same volume of business as the rest of the research team combined. Her personality allows her to build relationships internally as well as externally almost immediately with even the coldest of clients, then maintain them. Her infectious likeability, twinned with her strong work ethic and integrity, make her the ideal consultant. Professionally she never fails to deliver on assignments and projects ahead of schedule. Personally, I cannot remember a day we've shared working together when she has not made me laugh from the soul. In summary, she is fantastic.

Nick Bull, Senior Partner Chaberton Executive Search

Caroline reported to Howard from July 2021 to November 2023
November 27th 2023 -
Caroline was a great asset to my business, she worked on senior level SaaS sales roles and technical jobs specifications throughout her time working with me, Caroline understands clients requirements and briefings immediately and with ease, she is able to network and find those not so easy to attract 'passive' candidates with almost any skillset in technology and across all industries, engaging with both clients and candidates to build trust from the first encounter.

Caroline shortlisted candidates within a very short time frame for the clients we worked with both smoothly and efficiently, she is a fantastic communicator, highly professional, a self-starter, self-motivated with a strong work ethic and above all trustworthy in business, she leaves no stone unturned in search, and it was a pleasure working with her. Caroline worked remote from my business, but at no time was there a disconnect or lack of communication.

I viewed Caroline more as a business partner than an employee. Caroline went above and beyond in her work, working evenings and weekends if required to meet clients deadlines. I would sincerely highly recommend Caroline to any search or recruitment business, I am extremely sorry to lose her.

Howard Longstaff, William Howard Associates

Caroline approached me in February 2023 about two opportunities at a fast growing Cyber/SaaS business. I received a simple and succinct message from Caroline that included sufficient detail to spur interest in a conversation. One of the roles was definately a good match on paper (the other was for an IC role) and this exchange was followed up the following day with a 121 call with the CEO of the search firm.

On this occasion the role was not suitable, simply due to the package on offer, which is a shame as the company in question are going places. After we reached this conclusion, we carried on chatting for a while, during which time I benefited from some insightful commentary on the current state of hiring market in the UK, which I found valuable.

Paul Norris, Enterprise Sales - Formerly with Oracle, HPE & VC/PE backed start-ups. SaaS/cyber Identity ITOM/ITSM/DEX/QHSE

June 21st 2022 - Daniel was Caroline's Client

Caroline is an energetic resourcing partner that continually goes above and beyond to support clients in all stages of the hiring process.
Having worked together successfully on a number of strategic leadership positions, Caroline's dedication was always instrumental.
Caroline is able to understand the needs of the organization and the resourcing in terms of candidates and future employees.
Her extensive understanding of the market and detailed sector knowledge are key to meeting the resourcing challenges in a competitive evolving landscape.
I look forward to partnering again with Caroline in the near future for multiple resourcing and recruitment assignments.

Daniel P Leddy MBA, Director Head of Program Management office at Truata

October 2nd 2019 - Mel was Caroline's Client
It is a real pleasure to work with Caroline, she takes the time to ensure that the roles she represents are appropriate for the applicant and supports her clients throughout the application process.
Caroline is a great communicator and brings real energy and enthusiasm to all she does.
I was a pleasure to work with Caroline and I would like to recommend her to anyone who needs an excellent recruitment consultant.

Mel Jackson, MBCS Enterprise Change manager at Taylor & Francis Group

September 16th - 2029 John was Caroline's client

Professional and taking the time to get things right for each client Caroline keeps me fully up to date on progress, which is quite rare in this market. Caroline does a great job representing me and is pleasure to deal with.

John Hayden, Chief Operation Officer

November 21st 2018 - Yasmin was Caroline's client

Caroline is a dedicated professional who works extremely hard in supporting individuals through the recruitment process. She is effective, efficient, transparent and dedicated in building a reputable image of herself and the Company she represents. I look forward to working with Caroline again in the future.

Yasmin Hekbarally, Interim HR Consultant Business operations services

October 9th 2018 - Andrew was Caroline's client

Having spent many years working with various recruitment agencies as both a candidate and a client, I happy to state that Caroline is one of the very best I have encountered. She immediately understands the needs of both, is clear and concise in providing support and guidance and maintains a level of regular contact sadly missing from many other recruiters. Caroline even went as far as to work late on a Sunday evening to ensure I had everything needed to meet a submission deadline the following day.
Caroline has a wealth of experience in sourcing candidates and a keen appreciation of understanding complex skill sets and how to match them to a clients needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for either candidate or client.

Andrew Bramfitt, Consulting Business Analyst covering public & private sector change

June 13th 2018 Kal was Caroline's client

Caroline is great professional to work with. She demonstrates this through her dedication to her respective clients and provides excellent feedback in a prompt and clear manner. It is a pleasure to recommend her to anyone who wants the best in insights, advice and representation.

Kal Perwaz, Principal Cyber Security & GRC professional

February 8th 2017 - Tony was Caroline's client
Caroline contacted me about a potential opportunity. I have been impressed with Caroline's honest approach to candidates as she doesn't promise the world and similarly she takes the candidates perspectives in mind when deciding to go forward. I find this approach refreshing and more effective than recruiters 'hit and miss' attitude. I look forward to maintaining a positive liaison with Caroline and have every confidence in her ability to deal with candidates and clients alike.

Tony Milanese, Financial Analyst/Economist

January 31st - 2017 John was Caroline's client
Having just worked with Caroline for the first time, I must say that I have been more than impressed. She contacted me personally regarding a potential role and then worked diligently to understand my background and ensure that it was appropriately matched to the requirement. That level of in depth personal care and service is refreshing and not always easy to find in the HR recruitment world and, on that basis, I would highly recommend Caroline.

John Bucknall, Service Architect Transition manager & IT services specialist

December 2016 - Liz was Caroline's Client
Caroline has just approached me regarding a very interesting role and I was really impressed. Although we haven't yet had an opportunity to work together professionally, I really liked her approach to recruitment. She clearly has extensive experience in her field and I look forward to working with her.

Liz Goddard, Coaching Specialist

Caroline is a highly effective and resourceful researcher. I hired her first as a freelance and shortly afterwards as a full time Senior Researcher

She had a complete understanding of the brief and her research was very valuable to my business.

I would highly recommend Caroline's work.

May 17, 2012, Liba was Caroline's client

Liba Weltman, Owner, Liba Weltman Associates